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Greetings Susanne & Lars! You guys look as great from Sweden via iPhone as you do in person ... well, almost. I can imagine how excited you are to have your U.S. family there and know how exciting and special visiting you is for them. Y'all have a spectacular time as the remainder of your U.S. family wishes you all well and send love!
la (from Texas, y'all)

Thank you Laura!
It's great having the PalmerĀ“s here.
Love to you all!

I've been trying very hard to figure out how to add a message. I wasn't scrolling down quite far enough. You two look great and I'm sure our family is adding much joy to all of you. Hopefully we can connect with them soon. Want to see the faces of our babies. We love you all and looking forward to seeing you in July.

Rog & Mona

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From Europe

  • Day 1 in Sweden
    We arrived at 7:30 am without any sleep. Bergen, Eden and Cole were so excited that they could not fall asleep. We were all a bit punchy, but all went well as we were able to get our rental car and make our way to our home in Sweden for the week. We had a great 1st day, which included a nap and going to a high school graduation for Christian Wender, a family friend of the Heinze family. I have posted a few posted a few pictures, from the 1880 horse stable that was transformed for a great celebration. Christian is looking to come to the US for College. He hopes to get a Golf scholarship, like his sister Charlotte who attends LSU.
  • Getting closer...possible Griswold moment coming.
    It is Saturday, June 6th and we are wacky. We have stuff strewn through the entire upstairs, leaving little view of the carpeting. We are wondering how we can fit all of this stuff in luggage, much less get it to the airport. Then there's the European size vehicle to consider once we get there.
  • Ok, it is June 5th and we are getting closer
    Three days and counting...still figuring out how this Bolg business works.
  • Pre trip set up here on June 3rd.
    We leave for on June 8. It is 11:04 PM, and there is a lot to do in a short amount of time. We can not wait.....
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